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Policies please read

We require a 25 % non refundable deposit to book date and hold rental equipment. With the balance due two weeks prior to your event.

Payment in full is due when booking events within 30 days.

Sean King Rentals will not refund money however we will offer "store credit" for another date / event or many.

Any one getting a of discount of $100.00or more or makes a bartering arrangment MUST post pictures of thier event within a week of event or we will bill you the discount. Pictures promised are equal to your discount.

We set up on Thursday or Friday take down Monday or Tuesday. We make the delivery schedule based on other all other deliveries, weather, and customer's special circumstances.

Please take the time to explain any special delivery circumstances you may have two weeks prior to delivery.This may result in an extra fee.

We charge extra for pounding tent stakes into hard pack, pavement, bed rock. $10 per pole.

If you order a tent that doesn't fit - we will try our best to offer you one that will IF it is available to rent Please take note we will not refund any money.

Tables & Chairs :
Tables and chairs are left in a stack and must be restacked and ready for pick up for Monday 9 am. Unless otherwise talked about with Suzanne or Sean. You will be billed $50.00 if chairs are not restacked.

Personal Belonings Under Tent:
There should be nothing under the tent come Monday 9:00 am. If Sean King Rentals doesnt own it please remove it from under the tent before we arrive for pick up. You will be billed $50.00 if we need to remove any of your personal belongings.

Linen :
All linen must be paid in full THREE WEEKS BEFORE DELIVERY DATE. We will provide a bin please make sure all linen gets returned to this bin and does not sit out over night.

Dance Floor:
Please know where you want the dance floor before we show up. Once two pieces are linked together we will not move the floor around.

Please keep in mind we are working with your yard so if Sean thinks the floor needs to be moved over a little from where you want it for safty reasons that is where the floor will be set up.

If you request delivery on Thursday or sooner with pick up as late out as Tuesday your grass may yellow. PLEASE make special arrangements with property owner & Sean King Rentals if this is a concern. In some cases we can come out Friday night to set up the dance floor, however you may have to pay two delivery fees.

We will not set up our dance floor on a hard pack driveway or one that has rocks on it. If you order a dance floor and we show up and the tent site is the driveway (for whatever reasons) we will NOT offer a refund. DO NOT order a dance floor for a hard pack or rock drive way.

Moon Bounce - Will NOT go out with a 50% chance in rain. The Moon Bounce will NOT go out on a weekend with high winds. You must own the property the moon bounce will be used on and provide home owners insurance info. ANY inquires or damages that result from your use of the moon bounce falls under customers responsibilities INCUDLING REPLACEMENT of moon bounce if Sean King Rentals determines faulty use.

We do not set up our moon bounce in driveways or on hills.

In many towns / cities a fire permit may be required to set up a 20 x 20 tent or bigger - it is up to you the customer to call your local fire department for any premits required. Sean King Rentals is happy to work with them.

Please have an emergency action plan available for your local fire department. If you do not have one Sean King Rentals can suplly one to you.You can also google Emergency action Plansand print a template from there.

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